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Hi David,

No, I understand you fine, thanks.
I was replying to the other approach of creating an extra partition and
chrooting into it.

The boot loader idea is also good and I'd use that if I figure out what
the command sequence is, I don't have a way to monitor the boot loader
as it is graphical.

And yes I know Gentoo is a lot more hacking> <smile>
I am sure at some point it'll make me long to return to Debian.

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Hi again,

I think you misunderstood me. The boot manager that I downloaded is used
create a special boot floppy to allow you to boot, well, seems like just

about any type of disk. So, it's run from the diskette, like you would
a DOS boot disk. Yes, you can also install the smart boot loader on your

hard drive, but I don't think that's a nice approach when you're blind.
Gentoo handbook will tell you how to install the GRUB boot loader at the

end of the installation. So no extra partition is created (for me).

I don't know how much you know about Gentoo Linux, but be advised that 
there's alot of hacking. Yeah, you're guided by the handbook found on
site, but it's not like the Red Hat or Debian more or less automatic 
installation programs.

/David R.
At 10:53 2004-04-16 -0500, you wrote:
>This is an interesting approach.
>So then did you end up with an extra partition at the end of the 
>installation? Or did you just make the new partition the default one 
>for Gentoo to boot from?
>What did you do about this?
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>For what it's worth, I got it installed by creating a new partition on 
>my drive for it, unpacking the stage 1 tarball into it, and then 
>chrooting into it and following the instructions from the documentation

>as if I was
>booting from a cd.  Obviously that requires having free space on the
>drive, but it allowed me to install with speech and without having my
>system go down while I was building it.
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