Gnopernicus and Spanish

Sergio Rodriguez Ezquerra ingsre00 at
Sun Apr 18 15:35:29 UTC 2004

Hi ,i am a Spanish student who mean to do that Gnopernicus totaly works in Spanish.
The problem it has the part the of interface as the 'push button','radio button','minimize window',... tell them totaly in English,intead of Spanish.
I wanted to know how i can modify source files to arrange the problem.

One other problem is the stress Spanish words are not pronounced, they are spelling where is the stress chart.
I think that it is of format of the string which is mover to 'festival tts', because at 'festival tts' is pronounced good in stress words.
I wanted to know if the files can be modification to it does not happen.
Thank you.
PD:i am sorry for my English.

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