Newby to Linux, pre-installed Linux or not

Michael Weaver michael.weaver2 at
Mon Apr 19 01:37:27 UTC 2004

I am a Newby to Linux and wonder if anyone could answer this question.
I am thinking of buying a new PC in the next few months and am thinking of
having Linux on it.
The company in the UK that was Linux Emporium suggested that perhaps the
best place for a system guaranteed to work under Linux would be Digital
Networks UK which do systems with or without Linux pre-installed because
their systems are built to work with it.
Should I perhaps go this route knowing that I know I would have a Linux
compatible system?
Should I inform them I would be using Emacspeak as I don't have a hardware
synthesiser or Braille Display and would they install it for me?
I live between Dalton and Waterloo in Huddersfield but it doesn't seem to
appear that the Hudlug which is the support group for Linux in my area is
active and I asked about them in the Head of Steam pub where apparently it
was claimed where they meet only the people running the pub knew nothing
about them.
Hope someone can help with my questions.

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