Rescue CDROM

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Apr 28 13:37:14 UTC 2004

	Are there any CDROM images I can use to mount the root file
system of a Linux box in order to attempt to fix a stupid mistake I

	I need to have one serial TTY going so as to access the system
which is normally how I use Linux.

	Fortunately, this is not my primary Linux box.  If necessary,
I can use my primary Linux system to burn CDROM's.

	What I accidentally did was to mkswap on the wrong partition.
I did not specify any sizes, etc, so the disk still appears to be in
tact.  I am going to take the extra swap partition out of fstab for
starters and then see what else got trashed.  I don't want to have to
re-install Linux if I don't have to.

	After I did this, the system stayed up, but I couldn't execute
any commands such as vi or even halt.  Built-in shell commands still

	A ls of /bin or /sbin showed them full of files so they
still appear to be there.

	Thanks for any suggestions.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
OSU Information Technology Division Network Operations Group

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