showing a GIF or JPG to a sighted friend, from the console?

Mario Lang mlang at
Fri Dec 3 13:28:58 UTC 2004

Osvaldo La Rosa <blinuxman at> writes:

> the question may sound very strange, but I would like to know if there 
> exist a tool for showing a jpg or gif to a sighted person, on the 
> console, without needing X?

The simplest possible way is definitely aview, although
the quality is probably quite bad.  Anyway, you don't
need to setup anything kernel related to get aview to work :-)
Its part of the aalib IIRC.

Note that there are also aalib modes for things like MPlayer, so
you can easily render your favourite DivX movie in ASCII for your
sighted friends :).  Crank up the number of lines/columns of your
text console for increased quality :)


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