Sound in Debian Woody - how to get without kernel recompile

Mario Lang mlang at
Fri Dec 3 13:38:57 UTC 2004

Janina Sajka <janina at> writes:

> Ari Moisio writes:
>> Hi!
>>   I installed Debian Woody but was unable to find any sound modules 
>> anywhere. As i  like to  alter anything as little as possible i'm looking 
>> for  sound modules without full kernel re-compile.
> I suspect you misunderstand Debian. The approach of Debian is
> minimalist. If you didn't ask for sound, you didn't get it.
I strongly disagree with this desscription.  It sounds like someone
describing Debian, who doesn't use it personally, which is actually,
AFAIK, the truth :)

> Make sure you've got apt--which you should have. Then do
> apt-get update
> The above command should precede whatever you find you have to install
> next. Then you install the package you want, in this case alsa. So, the
> command is something like:
> apt-get install alsa
> But, this may not be completely accurate.

Yeah, definitely...  I'd first ask for a lspci output, so that
we know which card it is he wants to get up and running.
Not all cards require ALSA these days, and it is definitely
easier to get OSS working on stock 2.4 than it is to
compile ALSA modules.

Besides, the original poster was talking about Debian Woody, which
is the last Stable release, released somewhere around summer
2002 IIRC.  Since Debian does only include major security
fixes in its Stable releases, the version of alsa available
in Woody is ALSA 0.9.  These days, ALSA is already
at 1.0.7, and includes major API changes as well...

> You'll need to learn to use apt-cache
> to find out about available packages.
>>   Any pointers to begin?
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>> arimo

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