showing a GIF or JPG to a sighted friend, from the console?

Christian Schoepplein chris at
Fri Dec 3 14:03:19 UTC 2004

On Fr, Dez 03, 2004 at 01:43:56 +0100, Osvaldo La Rosa wrote:
> the question may sound very strange, but I would like to know if there 
> exist a tool for showing a jpg or gif to a sighted person, on the 
> console, without needing X?

If a simple ASCII file is good enough to, you could redirect the output 
of /dev/vcsX in to a file. The command

cat /dev/vcs0 > tty0.txt

redirects the content of your first console to the file tty0.txt. Maybe 
thats enough for your needs and you don't have to play arround with anny 
tools for gif or jpeg.


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