UnDeleting Files in Linux?

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Tue Dec 7 04:34:45 UTC 2004

Well, I wish I had not made this error, but I was useing lynx to browse-and-tag 
mp3s for deletion last Friday evening.  Well, when I hit r to remove the tagged 
files, it asked me about removing mp3?  Well, I wasn't paying enough 
attention--and just hit a y.  Not hearing anything for several seconds, I 
realized what I had done, so I hit controll c.  The final upshot was I had 
nuked at least 7 sub-directories inside my main mp3 section.  I did google 
searches--and found a recover program, however, it will not work on ext3, only 
ext2.  Supposedly fsck has an undelete function but you must know the exact 
file name.  I tried running easyrecovery in windows with jaws, but was not 
easily able to select drives or directories.  The program with ext2 says it 
would actually put the files back, as I may not have enough space to store them 
on another drive.  Also, in addition to ext3 I have some windows fats.
Obvious questions are, if there are any friendly programs and options I can run 
in Fedora 1 to restore these files?
Thanks ever so much

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