software synthesizers with yasr

Mario Lang mlang at
Tue Dec 7 11:49:09 UTC 2004

Janina Sajka <janina at> writes:

> He was asking about free software tts. DEC Talk isn't free. The only
> other free that I am aware of is Free TTS:

Oh yeah, free as in "Free for you if you control the Java license".

And nowadays, they even managed to port Sphinx over to Java.

I really really hate Sun for these obvious strategic moves.
If Java were truly free, no one would object.
But thats how market share aquisation goes it seems.

Look at what we got:  FreeTTS, Sphinx and for OpenOffice, we need the Java
Access Bridge.  That is 3 major accessibility related components
which are based on top of Java, and therefore prevent
distributors who truly care for Free Software from
integrating these components.  I've tried several times to compile
these three things on top of a truly free java implementation, but
it seems they're doing their best to prevent this from working
by using the latest and "greatest" Java SDK tech in their code.

All in all, Sun is obviously trying to make Java a required
component of your computer system when it comes to Accessibility.
I guess thats what one gets out of a deal by investing
efforts into it, but it is amazing how no one seems to realize
this, or seems to do anything about it.

Either Sun changes its license for Java such that it is
more easily redistributable, or we'll have to ensure that
the Java components in the Accessibility area do run
on Free Java Alternatives.  Something has to be done.


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