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Tue Dec 7 13:23:26 UTC 2004

I agree with you Mario. As for your conclusion, I've been trying on the
either part, as I'm not capable of the or part.

Mario Lang writes:
> Janina Sajka <janina at> writes:
> > He was asking about free software tts. DEC Talk isn't free. The only
> > other free that I am aware of is Free TTS:
> >
> >
> Oh yeah, free as in "Free for you if you control the Java license".
> And nowadays, they even managed to port Sphinx over to Java.
> I really really hate Sun for these obvious strategic moves.
> If Java were truly free, no one would object.
> But thats how market share aquisation goes it seems.
> Look at what we got:  FreeTTS, Sphinx and for OpenOffice, we need the Java
> Access Bridge.  That is 3 major accessibility related components
> which are based on top of Java, and therefore prevent
> distributors who truly care for Free Software from
> integrating these components.  I've tried several times to compile
> these three things on top of a truly free java implementation, but
> it seems they're doing their best to prevent this from working
> by using the latest and "greatest" Java SDK tech in their code.
> All in all, Sun is obviously trying to make Java a required
> component of your computer system when it comes to Accessibility.
> I guess thats what one gets out of a deal by investing
> efforts into it, but it is amazing how no one seems to realize
> this, or seems to do anything about it.
> Either Sun changes its license for Java such that it is
> more easily redistributable, or we'll have to ensure that
> the Java components in the Accessibility area do run
> on Free Java Alternatives.  Something has to be done.
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> CYa,
>    Mario
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