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Roger Butenuth butenuth at
Thu Dec 9 20:14:21 UTC 2004


brass - a brltty spinoff - has support for software speech:

Latest CVS-Version:

brass supports software and hardware speech synthesis. Software synthesis
is a two step process: Phoneme generation by txt2pho (English) or hadifix
(German), synthesis by mbrola.


On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, Gustafsson Kristoffer (elev) wrote:

> Hello!
> some time ago someone asked about free text to speech for linux.
> Personally I recomend to use the mbrola databases. they sound very good and there are many suported languages.
> These can be used with festival, but I don't know what screen reader software to use with it.
> is emacspeak supported?
> I also know that festival lite can convert festvox voices to the flite voice format and use these voices instead of the awful voice, but I don't know how good that works with mbrola.
>  I don't even know how to change the voice, but prehaps someone else could help with this.
> another option is to ask me for the viavoice binaries I ave on one of my computers, but I don't know if it is possible to get it working abovve redhat 8.
> Is there any way to get that working?
> or can I buy viavoice?
> kristoffer

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