Singing Yeast, Big Bang, Other Sounds

Karl Dahlke eklhad at
Tue Dec 14 09:28:10 UTC 2004

Yeast cells, and probably all cells, vibrate as they generate energy
and metabolize proteins.
Someone has turned these vibrations into sound.
The pitch increases with temperature,
commensurate with metabolic activity.
Below is a link to let you hear the sounds,
but before you click, I must warn you that edbrowse was unable
to fetch this page, due to a bug, which I have since fixed,
so you may need the latest version
if you want to hear the singing yeast.

speaking of sounds, somebody has turned the pressure waves in the early
universe, for the first million years, into a burst of sound.

Perhaps someone, other than me, can make a directory/website of cool sounds
of scientific interest.
Blind people would love it, but there would be a wider audience.

Frohe Weinachten,

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