Splitting audio tracks

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at charter.net
Fri Dec 24 07:54:35 UTC 2004

Has anybody found a good solution for splitting audio tracks, or has 
anybody found a way to navigate gramofile successfully?

Here are the options i know of:
1. Use soundgrab. This works but you have to jump around to find where 
tracks end--not automated.
2. Use gramofile to find tracks and then use those times in 
soundgrab--works a little better.
3. Use gramofile completely. seems like the most automated approach to me 
but I can't seem to do it. i can usually do the menu item for locating 
tracks successfully but get lost when I try to use the "processing the 
signal" option. I'll go all the way through thinking i have the "split 
into tracks" option checked and then suddenly find I'm being asked for a 
destination file. I think this can't be right as the track-splitting would 
result in several files. so around I go again. I also haven't really 
figured out how to choose the various filter options. I am using braille 
and can also use speech but while you can tell a lot by looking at the 
whole screen and especially the bottom, I still find it quite problematic. 
If anybody has figured this all out, I'd appreciate your input.

4. another option for track splitting? I don't know of one but would be 
interested if there's a program which can be followed better with braille 
and/or speech.


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