Tip about reading files on braillelite when brltty is on

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at charter.net
Wed Dec 29 00:30:28 UTC 2004

Just thought I'd point this out because it stumped me for a while and 
might give somebody else problems. When I have brltty on and then go out 
of speech box mode in order to read a file on my braillelite, I've been 
finding blank lines, one after each line of braille, when reading the 
braillelite file. What I finally figured out is that when brltty starts 
the "word wrap" item in the braillelite menu is turned off. If you go into 
the braillelite status menu and turn word wrap back on your braillelite 
files will look normal and it doesn't appear to cause problems back in 
brltty either. But this reoccurs anytime brltty is killed and started 
over and of course when you reboot.


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