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A minimum order of 200! What the heck?

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>>IBM brings text-to-speech to the Linux desktop
>>Patricia Daukantas
>>GCN Staff
>>IBM Corp. researchers are bringing text-to-speech capabilities to the 
>>Linux desktop.
>>Previously, production versions of IBM's text-to-speech engine had been 
>>available only for the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms, 
>>said Rich
>>Schwerdtfeger, an IBM software group accessibility strategist and 
>>chairman of IBM's Accessibility Architecture Review Board.
>>A few years ago, the company had made a beta Linux version of the speech 
>>engine available for downloading, but took it offline when it stopped 
>>working with
>>later versions of the Linux kernel.
>>The speech engine, together with a screen reader, converts text on a 
>>computer screen to sound but does not enable users to issue voice 
>>commands to the computer,
>>Schwerdtfeger said.
>>Wizzard Software Corp. of Pittsburgh is distributing the IBM-developed 
>>ViaVoice speech engine as a standalone product and a component in its 
>>Voice Assistant line of products.
>>List pricing for the standalone ViaVoice text-to-speech engine is $5 per 
>>individual user license with a minimum order of 200 licenses. Volume discounts
>>are available.
>>(Posted Feb. 16. Corrected Feb. 17)
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