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Tue Feb 24 01:40:28 UTC 2004

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On 02/23/04  3:55 PM -0800, The Man With His Guide Dog At The Tent Store wrote:
> > "Study: Safest OS isn't Windows--or Linux
> > By Angus Kidman
> > ZDNet Australia
> > February 23, 2004, 4:28 AM PT


> > However, the sharp rise in Linux breaches probably reflects a lack
> > of training and deployment expertise rather than inherent security
> > problems within Linux, mi2g officials suggested.

Sounds like a job opportunity if you're familiar with linux. But this
"study" at least on the surface sounds biased as isn't it a well known
fact that more servers are running linux than windows. Windows may have
the desktop market sewn up, but servers?

Not to mention that it is *crackers* that exploit systems. You know
blackhat whitehat all that stuff (see the jargonfile).

Finally, most people I have talked to that use *bsd and linux agree that
the bsd's are more secure, but linux is easier to administrate. This is
just hearsay though, so take it for what that's worth.

Sorry for beating the [OT] horse, but I was in the mood and couldn't
help it.


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