Fw: [pro_tech] Study: Safest OS isn't Windows--or Linux

technomage technomage-hawke at cox.net
Tue Feb 24 02:27:37 UTC 2004

of course, you realize that zdnet is partially funded by grants from Microsoft 
Corporation and is, in effect, a windows centric shop, right?

just something to think about when reading their "news".

Technomage Hawke

On Monday 23 February 2004 04:55 pm, The Man With His Guide Dog At The Tent 
Store wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> Subject: [pro_tech] Study: Safest OS isn't Windows--or Linux
> > "Study: Safest OS isn't Windows--or Linux
> > By Angus Kidman
> > ZDNet Australia
> > February 23, 2004, 4:28 AM PT
> >
> > Linux advocates often take pride in the operating system being more
> > secure than Windows but this claim may have attracted unwanted
> > attention from the hacking community.

*snipped to reduce traffic volume*

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