Fw: [pro_tech] Study: Safest OS isn't Windows--or Linux

technomage technomage-hawke at cox.net
Tue Feb 24 22:10:45 UTC 2004

festival uses GTK, and I had to recompile kmail with gtk support (normally not 
done as it is a KDE application). admittedly, this isn't even close to the 
best solution, but its better than nothing at all (and pine just won't do 
what I want).

I also had to make a lot of other mods to my system here in order to get other 
things working (its very involved and unless you are an expert with linux, 
almost impossible to do without help).

basically, in a nutshell, I am beta testing festival. so far, it still needs a 
potload of work. and I really wish the guys and KDE would get off their high 
horse and deal with htis more appropriately.

Technomage Hawke

On Tuesday 24 February 2004 02:41 pm, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Hi again
> But what are you using to make Kmail talk to Festival? I am interested.
> Luke
> At 08:32 AM 25/02/2004, technomage wrote:
> >well,
> >I am using Festival. it isn't the greatest, but it works (unless the page
> > is loaded with html, then it doesn't work at all).
> >
> >X access for the blind is still sketchy at best.... there are times when I
> >have to restart either festival or kmail because it quits talking.
> >
> >
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