Looking for a Programming Project which would really benefit blind people

herzog at frontiernet.net herzog at frontiernet.net
Thu Feb 26 00:18:27 UTC 2004

Well, I am sighted, and I work with blind people to try and get them going 
on computers.  So far it has been all win 98 and JAWS, as there is lots of 
support;, and I can see enough to detect what the problem is when many 
trouble screens won't read, or go away.  So the sited stuff is useful. I 
have tried, and use redhat8 myself, but I only know of one blind person who 
uses Linux, and she has lots of personal help.
So I think the big need is for Fedora, the new Linux hoopla, to be working 
with voices, preferably cheap or free.
The Fedora list is nearly 100 messages per day, a snow job, and not yet 
ready for prime time players.
There is where to work!
At 05:17 AM 2/25/04, you wrote:
>I'm blind myself, and I'm hapiest when I have a good programming project.
>So I'm looking for suggestions for programs that would really benefit
>blind people. I think a text-mode program, possibly using the curses
>library, would be most appropriate. I've tested Gnome and Gnopernicus, but
>they really aren't ready for normal use by blind persons, at least not for
>those who use braille displays.
>On a related subject, I really can't see any inherent advantage to a GUI
>unless you can actually SEE the screen. All the usability features can be
>implemented in text mode.
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