Looking for a Programming Project which would really benefit blind people

Willem van der Walt<willem@top.health.gov.za> willem at top.health.gov.za
Thu Feb 26 06:51:21 UTC 2004

Here are two ideas:
1.  Write a front-end to ecasound that make audio 
easy for blind people.
2.  Write a batch/command-line interface to gnome wave cleaner (gwc).
    It is a program used to clean up old sound recordings.
Regards, willem

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, John J. Boyer wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm blind myself, and I'm hapiest when I have a good programming project. 
> So I'm looking for suggestions for programs that would really benefit 
> blind people. I think a text-mode program, possibly using the curses 
> library, would be most appropriate. I've tested Gnome and Gnopernicus, but 
> they really aren't ready for normal use by blind persons, at least not for 
> those who use braille displays.
> On a related subject, I really can't see any inherent advantage to a GUI 
> unless you can actually SEE the screen. All the usability features can be 
> implemented in text mode.
> Thanks,

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