Looking for a Programming Project which would really benefit blind people

Fredrik Larsson fredrikl at algonet.se
Thu Feb 26 09:29:30 UTC 2004

Hi all!

Instead of making three browser, one having some Javascripts, why not
write a proxy server that provides everything. Personally, I think that
cookies should have been implemented in a proxy server so that all
browsers could have shared cookies, the same with web caches that also is one
in each browser. I guess that some Javscript constructions must be
implemented in a browser and cannot be implemented as pure translation of
HTML, but many things can in fact be done by HTML translation. This is
what we all do when we read source code to get around onclick scripts etc.
This local proxy could then be used with any browser.

Talking about command-line tools to play wma and realaudio, use mplayer.
It works fine provided that you install all Windows codecs that are


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