Lorenzo Prince lorenzo at prince.homelinux.org
Thu Feb 26 21:42:19 UTC 2004

Thus spake Karl Dahlke:
> Someone, don't remember who, wanted to access this site.

That would be me.  I can access the site with no trouble, but I can't get to my RapidDial because it tries to open a popup window, which doesn't work in 
any text-based browser I am aware of.

> But ... after fixing a couple of bugs, it seems to work.
> I found access numbers within x miles of my home,
> and within my state.

Yep.  That part of the site is completely usable.  The only thing on the whole site that causes a problem is the link that says RapidDial once I am 
logged it.  It gives me a server error, but the error is really due to the browser not accepting the attempt to open a popup window.


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