Ari aridamoulas at
Thu Jul 1 17:18:09 UTC 2004

My name is Ari  and I want to learn linux. I have fedorra core 1 installed with the YASR screen reader and I would please like to know: 
1. Is their anywhere I can get a better free software synthesizer then eflite which is awful? 
2. I know nothing about how to use Linux or the text-interface is their a friendly book or tape tutorial for a real beginner? The linux with YASR was installed for me so that I can start to learn linux but I need something which will give me a good introduction to Linux, the text-interface and how to set up and do things in simple, non-technical language. I brought a book called Linux for dummies, but it looks as if it is for the graphical interface, but it doesn't look to me as if gnopernicus is very usable yet, because we first installed Linux with it, but we couldn't get it to read information off the screen, we couldn't even get it to read it's own help file or dialogue! But it did read text documents, though. 
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