Replacement for Bluepin

Mario Lang mlang at
Fri Jul 2 11:04:31 UTC 2004

Just a wild guess since I am unable to test this for you right now,
but a co-worker of mine said you can set your PIN by editing
the file /etc/bluetooth/pin.  So something like

$ echo 1234 > /etc/bluetooth/pin

should be an adequate replacement for the GUI tool.

lars.bjorndal at (Lars Bjørndal) writes:

> I want to connect my Siemens SX1 mobile phone though bluetooth to the
> pc. I'm using the Bluz-utils package, on Fedora 2. The problem is
> Bluepin, which must be run from X. Is there a shell script, or a
> console program that can be used instead of Bluepin?
> Lars
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