Bootable CD versions?

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Tue Jul 6 00:11:11 UTC 2004

Yeah, but emacspeak is a lot more confusing than speakup.

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> I have found that Oralux 0.6 alpha is quite functional. It is easy to
setup initially and your setting can be saved to floppy or hard disk. It
doesn't interfere with the regular operation of your PC at all.
> Jeff
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> Well Oralux is still under development and new features are added so
the<br>bugs apear.  At the moment the current version is 0.6 alpha.  0.6
should get<br>rid of a lot of the bugs.<br><br>Nigel,<br><br>To read about
injustice, please
visit.<br><br>----- Original
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PM<br>Subject: Bootable CD versions?<br><br><br>> Hi all!<br>><br>> I would
like to know what other bootable CD or mini versions of Linux<br>there<br>>
are that can come up talking?  I know there is Mandrake move as a
bootable<br>> version off a CD and uses a flash drive for data and settings;
but that's<br>> not necessarily speech or brl friendly.  Oralux was meant to
be but I saw<br>or<br>> read a lot of reliability issues.  So comments or
thoughts on these<br>multiple<br>> threads welcome.<br!
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