Brltty through USB ?

Andor Demarteau ademarte at
Sat Jul 10 09:29:03 UTC 2004

well it may.
However, it depends on:
- if linux sees the convertor as a serial-device
- the port it is on never changes
- linux attatches always the same device-file to it.

So ti mroe depends on how linux precieves the convertor.
It it nicely detects it as being a serial-port, it mya work.

I've noticed the removal of the rs232 ports on laptops too.
It eeams that Toshiba and IBM do without but I think dell still has them.

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Mike Keithley wrote:

 > I'm currently using brltty with a Powerbraille display.  I'm planning to
 > get a new laptop and notice that serial ports on laptop seem to be rare
 > these days.  Assuming I can find a usb to serial converter, will brltty
 > work through the USB port?
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