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Martin Courcelles martinfc at
Mon Jul 19 13:05:08 UTC 2004

Hi there:
Here's what I found in my wanderings.  It's a program called fontabui whcih works with Perl.  It'll translate any texst either in french grade 1 or 2.  All o esess are supported.  
Check out:

>Subject: french translation table for nfbtr
>   From: RAYNER Peter <peter.rayner at>
>   Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 21:29:39 +1000
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>I need to learn French grade II braille.  
>I recently borrowed the "methode de stenographie" produced by the
>Association Valentin Hauy.  This undoubtedly contains the information
>I need.  The  drawback is that it's written in grade II
>braille.  Now I do inverse problems for a living but this one's a bit
>One method I'd proposed to learn gradually was to take something like
>the contraction table supplied with nfbtrans for english then learn
>all the rules of a particular type.  The advantage is you can practice
>by producing a kind of grade I.3 that conforms to this partial
>rule-set.  I see rule types pertaining to French in the table but I
>haven't seen a French table.  Someone went looking for one a few
>months ago but I didn't see an answer  on the list, probably meaning
>it doesn't exist.    I'd love to be proved wrong though. 
>I also tried  contacting the maintainer but the address I had was
>Does anyone have such a table or equivalent rule-set for another
>translator that runs under Linux?  
>Any other pointers to resources for learning this?
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