Red Hat 9 users?

B. Alan Mattison alanm51 at
Tue Jul 20 18:07:33 UTC 2004

Thanks Karl,
I guess I'm behind a bit since the latest version I have is v9.  I'll
try to get the new disks for Fidora 11 from somebody I know who has
broadband, as it would take me forever with my dial-up.

Thanks again for your prompt response.

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B. Alan Mattison wrote:

> Good Morning,
> Are there any users of RH v9 on this list?  If there are, I have a few

> questions I would like to ask you.
> Did you get ViaVoice to work?  If so, how?
> How do you get into the accessibility features that are supposedly in 
> Gnome?
> Thanks!
> Alan Mattison
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The only way that I was able to get Gnopernicus installed was to do an 
"everything" install.  This was with Fedora Core 2 (Red Hat 11).

Have not tried ViaVoice.

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