extracting .rar files in Linux?

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Sat Jul 24 03:19:49 UTC 2004

Well, some weeks ago I inquired here about why I couldn't extract .rar files? 
I did receive some valuable responses.  I discovered that I can only extract 
archives with .r01 style, but not the newer part01.rar.  I have been 
googling--and it looks like only windows can handle these?  I have read the 
commandline options for rar and unrar, both from the same author.  Are their 
replacement programs which would better handle these?
I also have a linux version of par2 but I don't know if there are ways to 
extract?  Thanks so much in advance.
O, one of the options is to use   vn for old style names.  Well, this didn't 
work either

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