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Mario Lang mlang at
Sat Jul 24 13:09:43 UTC 2004


For those of you who are using (or thinking about buying) a HandyTech
braille display, here are some news about recent improvements of the
HandyTech driver for BRLTTY:

* Support for Bluetooth wireless connectivity was added.  This is tested
  with a Braille Star 40.  It should also work with Braillino
  displays with a bluetooth interface.  To use bluetooth connectivity,
  you first need to figure out the bluetooth device address of your
  display.  Use a command like "hcitool scan" to find it.
  To tell BRLTTY which device to connect to, use a device specification
  like "bluez:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx", i.e.: "-b ht -d bluez:DE:AD:DE:AD:BE:EF".

* Support for the external keyboard was added to the HandyTech driver.
  The Braille Star has two PS/2 connectors, one for an inbound keyboard,
  and one to connect the display to the computer's PS/2 port.  Previously you
  could only use the external keyboard if you also connected the second PS/2
  cable to your PC.  Now you can use the external keyboard (disable
  auto-switch in the internal Braille Star menu) with whatever
  connection type you aready use for your display (serial, USB or
  bluetooth).  This is especially useful if your display has a bluetooth
  interface, since this gives you a complete wireless remote
  braille terminal with normal keyboad input and braille output.  You could,
  for instance, finally put your computer into the basement, or enjoy
  the summer outside while still being able to use your computer.

All above mentioned improvements are currently only available in the
BRLTTY Subversion development repository and can be expected to be available
in the next stable release (3.6).

Happy hacking,

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