msnlib download?

Guy Abandon. at
Sun Jul 25 07:44:58 UTC 2004

Thanks ever so, I got  two files, the .tar.gz and another which seemed to be
called a .tartar though suspect that's wrong.  I did this on Winblows<ahem!>
if you will pardon the term.

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It shouldn't be that difficult.
Just go to
If you have an email client that allows you to go to the url you should be
able to do it right from your email.
Choose  either  the link that says "here" and mentions  tar.bz2 or the
one that says targz.
If using lynx the cat, be sure to use "d" for download or it apparently
puts you in the file or something and you have to do ctrl-c to get out,
but as long as you hit "d" instead of enter it's no problem.
In links the chain, hitting enter give you the "save" option and hitting
enter on that will download it.


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