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Willem van der Walt<willem@top.health.gov.za> willem at top.health.gov.za
Mon Jul 26 12:33:52 UTC 2004

In order to run the latest Oracle products, one needs one huge computer.
If you cannot count the users, you have to buy per-processor licenses.
These are expensive.

Using php to work towards Oracle might make both sides happy and can be 
done cheeper and with more control in terms of javascript usage etc.
You might try vendor lockin as an argument.
As far as i know The oracle apps are still written in pl/sql with the 
oracle  specific pl/sql packages that
allow for web application generation.  Java is used to  get arround this.
There are ways to use java for web applications which also do not require 
the use of the expensive Oracle application server.
The only advantage offered by the oracle products over the other two 
sollutions IMHO is that for the very large scale organization, Oracle will 
scale easyer.
A univercity does not sound like a global company to me, and therefore, 
might really be better of using other technology.
Regards, Willem
  On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, 
Mario Lang wrote:

> technomage <technomage-hawke at cox.net> writes:
>> here's one for you: the Americans with Disabilities Act.
> I am afraid US laws don't count here in Austria (or am I reliefed?).  And it
> is definitely not a technical argument either.
> --
> CYa,
>  Mario
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