[OT] Oracle Portal site redesign...

technomage technomage-hawke at cox.net
Tue Jul 27 00:30:27 UTC 2004

yeah! thats a compelling technical reason (security reason no less).

Technomage Hawke

On Monday 26 July 2004 03:02 pm, Gilles Casse wrote:
> Mario Lang writes:
>  > I've been told this will involved heavy javascript usage, and will
>  > effectively render the whole web system inaccessible to me.
> I wonder how many visitors of the university will have Javascript already
> disabled in their web browser. For example here are a few lines from the
> US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) The link is a the
> end [1].
> "End-User Systems
> When an end-user visits a web site that has been compromised, this
> JavaScript attempts to access a file hosted on another server. This file
> may contain malicious code that can affect the end-user's system.
> This activity is another example of why end users must exercise caution
> when JavaScript is enabled in their web browser. Disabling JavaScript will
> prevent this activity from affecting an end-user's system, but may also
> degrade the appearance and functionality of some web sites that rely upon
> JavaScript. US-CERT recommends that end-users disable JavaScript unless it
> is absolutely necessary. Users should be aware that any web site, even
> those that may be trusted by the user, may be affected by this activity and
> thus contain potentially malicious code."
> [1] http://www.us-cert.gov/current/current_activity.html

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