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Wed Jul 28 14:20:21 UTC 2004

Thanks very much for your reply.
I have it working now.

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Hi.  You should be able to change it in the desktop preferences
menu.  Gnome has an accessibility theme that might be what you
want.  If not, you can change colors to what you mike manually.
You get to the desktop preferences from the keyboard by pressing alt-f1
then cursoring down to the desktop preferences option.
I usually press right arrow to open the menu.  Pressing enter on an
item activates the option.

Hope this helps.

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 12:24:05PM +0100, Dave Delaney wrote:
> Hi folks
> I hope I am mailing this to the correct list, apologies if I have not.
> My new job involves me using Linux. I am visually impaired and would like
> set up the screen
> to be a black background with white text. I can do this for the terminal
> can't find how to change the Gnome colour to a global setting. In Windows
> 2000 this can be done in the Control panel, Display, appearance, here you
> can select high contrast.
> I would appreciate any pointers.
> Thanks
> Dave
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