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Thomas Stivers stivers_t at tomass.dyndns.org
Wed Jul 28 16:39:48 UTC 2004

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On Wed, Jul 28 2004 at 05:01:46PM +0100, Guy Abandon. wrote:
> Suggest an editor that works like a good DOS editor, such as supports
> normal arrow/page/function keys properly rather than the limited one using
> only control sequences.  I've tried Joe but not even that works reliably; it
> says F1 for help and does nothing to do with help at all.

If pico works aallright for you you might look at nano. I haven't had problems
using pgup/pgdn and the arrow keys in pico, nano, emacs, or vim, so maybe there
is something screwy with your terminal. Are you working directly from the
console or over telnet or a serial console? If the latter then you may need to
make sure that your terminal emulator is emulating the same thing that linux is

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