Editor recommen dations?

Guy Abandon. text.tools at virgin.net
Thu Jul 29 08:22:29 UTC 2004

I have to say that Nano was not supplied though Pico was and I didn't get it
to do what I wanted.  Which is the more advanced version here?  is Pico the
advance on Nano in which case, downloading Nano would appear futile.  I did
download Nano last night though not installed it yet.  Am I going backwards
on this.  I think it still seems curious that keyboard support is even now
not as complete as the other OS's after all this time.  I understand the
need for a lot of these to be remote terminal compliant for folks accessing
the tools via a shell and remote terminal access; but desktop Linux is here
to stay and though that programs dedicated to this should be more common by
now.  I did this sort of key handling when I programmed in Pascal under DOS
and got it more reliable and responsive than these.


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Hi.  Is there  any good reason why Nano does not work?  It supports arrows,
Home, End, paging up and down, etc.  I use it frequently.  Sorry if I am
being unhelpful or if you tried that already but it seems to do what you
want.  It is standard on most Linux systems.

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