Editor recommendations?

Guy Abandon. text.tools at virgin.net
Thu Jul 29 11:06:26 UTC 2004

I agree that Joe's Wordstar mode, very like the Turbo-IDEs; is good and help
is in fact &KH as &H is ASCII 8 which is backspace.  Otherwise, it is the
best so far;  I just want to try a variety and see what works best as
general editor for mail, scripting, programming if I go that route again,
and so on.

Thanks all so far.


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> Suggest an editor that works like a good DOS editor, such as supports
> normal arrow/page/function keys properly rather than the limited one using
> only control sequences.  I've tried Joe but not even that works reliably;
> says F1 for help and does nothing to do with help at all.

In joe you get help with ctrl + h.
Changing from Dos I found it quite easy to use. I haven't tried it, but
you can start joe in wordstar compatible mode. may be that could help


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