Editor recommen dations?

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at wayne.edu
Thu Jul 29 13:06:49 UTC 2004


First of all, every editor supports arrows nowadays, as well as home and end
and paging etc. The problem is that there are different characters or
character sequences, usually beginning with Escape, depending on the
terminal type. If you have one kind of terminal defined and the editor
expects a different one, things won't work until you bring the two into
agreement. That, of course, may beg the question because what you really
want is an editor that is configured to match your terminal, or that can be
made to match it easily.

I haven't used pico but just the one time yesterday, but my impression is
that it's of negligible real value. When they say it's a "simple" editor, I
suspect they're very correct. Nano, judging by what I've heard, is a very
sophisticated one and well worth getting.

In terms of what's popular, Emacs and Vi (now called Vim) are likely the
leaders. You probably have both, and at least one of them should be
configured to match your system. (If they're not, you might consider getting
a more mainstream Linux distro.)



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