gnome and gnopernicus

Rafi Cohen rafic at
Mon Mar 1 12:17:47 UTC 2004

Hi, currently I'm using linux mandrake 9.2, a text-based linux. For
accessibility, I'm using brltty 3.4.1 with Vario 40 braile display in
powerbraile emulation.
I would like to try gui-based linux. For the time being, this is not a
must but quite soon my company may require this and till then I would like
to have some experience.
1. Is there any gui-based Linux accessible to blind users? I understand
that gnome and gnopernicus are, or should be the most accessible
environment. Are they indeed effectively usable and comfortable for a
software developper to do fluent work? Are there other options?
2. Please provide any website address that gives details and installation
instructions in this subject.
Thanks in advance, Rafi.

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