Replacing Readit with lynx

John J. Boyer director at
Mon Mar 1 17:34:17 UTC 2004


When I inquired about a programming project a few days ago, I got some 
responses about creating a Linux version of the DOS program Readit.

]It now occurs to me that Lynx may be able to do much of what Readit was 
doing. If you type lynx on the command line followed by a directory name, 
including just a dot, lynx will open that directory and display the files 
as a series of links on a Web page. The information for each file 
resembles that shown by the DoS dir command. you can move up and down 
through the list with the arrow keys. Or you can go to a specific entry 
using the slash query function. When you press enter on an entry, the file 
is opened if it is any kind of text file. If the entry is a directory, it 
is displayed as a file list, like the original directory. If you are on a 
file entry and want to get rid of that file, pressing "r" will do it. Lynx 
asks if you want to remove it before carrying out the action. Even more 
functionality can probably be obtained by editing your .mailcap file.

I have used Lynx as a maintenance tool on programming projects. thping an 
exclamation point will take you out to a shell, where you can run the 
compiler, etc. To get back into Lynx you type exit at a shell prompt.

Thpe this helps.

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