Replacing Readit with lynx (fwd)

.dan. ddunfee at
Tue Mar 2 17:46:39 UTC 2004

Yes, I have known and used lynx in that manner for some time.  Pilot, which
comes with pine, does similar things.  While this permits some similar
functions one of the most useful is the ability to mark several files on
which to perform the same process; I'm not aware this is possible in either
of the above. They also don't permit listing files by a choice,ie. age,
size, sorted, etc. which makes finding what one wants much easier; related
to which is the ability in readit to hit the first letter of a file and go
to the first instance of a name starting with it.  If on a file list,
hitting f will bring up a menu of functions to perform on the current file
or within the current directory.  While in lynx, using a period after doing
the "g" goto command, the file list can also be brought up.

While lynx permits handling files as text files, it falls far short as
compared to readit in several areas including bookmarks, searching, marking
and saving parts of the file in a seperate file, nd many other functions
beyond what lynx does.

It might be possible to integrate lynx, and pico or nano for that matter,
into an integrated text manipulation application by some clever use of a
frount end.  Lynx also permits some additional text manipulation by adding
items to the print menu which are defined by the user.  This includes
loading pine to use a page as a email message in part or whole, to edit it
within pico etc. and to pop back into lynx at the place departed.  Using
the print to a local file choice, one can put a page into a directory in
one's own directory setup with a file name, and go back to that or any
other file using the "g" key command with a period or period slash
directory to browse one's directories.


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