having trouble with abcde

Scott Berry scott at drscott.dyndns.biz
Wed Mar 3 22:53:38 UTC 2004

Hi there list,

I am having a problem with cdparanoia not wanting to read my cd rom drive.
I have done as the manual suggested.  I chmoded the /dev/scd0 to 660 and I
also chowned the user to scott thinking this might be a possible problem.
However this is not working out too well.  I am including what I have done
to get the error which is coming up next:

Getting CD track info... Grabbing entire CD - tracks: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
abcde: attempting to resume from /public/music/ogg/cds/abcde.760d4c09..
Grabbing track 1: Track 1...
cdparanoia III release 9.8 (March 23, 2001)
(C) 2001 Monty <monty at xiph.org> and Xiphophorus

Report bugs to paranoia at xiph.org

Unable to open cdrom drive; -v will give more information.
The following commands failed to run:
readtrack-1: cdparanoia  returned code 1
Finished. Not cleaning /public/music/ogg/cds/abcde.760d4c09.

If anyone has a suggest I am opened.  One last thing here I have sym links
from scd0 as /cdrom and /cdr.  However, at this time /cdrom and /cdr are
the same drive as my regular cd rom drive went bye bye and haven't had a
chance to replace it yet.  Thanks much for the help.

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