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technomage technomage-hawke at
Mon Mar 8 20:55:07 UTC 2004

what you forwarded below is a copy of the latest worm going around (named 
beagle-b). its one of the variants of the latest Mydoom variety.

if you are on windows, it will be time to update your antivirus software and 
its definitions files.. Spreading such things to a mailing list is no joke.

if you feel you must forward such things in the future,please clip out the 
binary bit (or anything below the line that states "Content-Type: 
application/octet-stream; name="<name of binary here>"")

also, one must not respond to the return e-mail address as these are generally 
forged in any case. best be is to do a DNS lookup of the top lines in the 
recieved from header field to see which ISP they actually originated from, 
then forward (as text) along with a nice note explianing what this is to the 
abuse dept of said ISP..

you may not think so, but such things can get action fairly quickly (most 
ISP's don't wish to appear lax in their duties to keep the net free of worms, 
virii and other such nonsense).

just my thoughts on this problem.

Technomage Hawke

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