Yasr and DoubleTalk LT

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Mon Mar 15 00:06:05 UTC 2004

Did you build yasr from source tarball?  When I had yasr working I found
it necessary to do that first.  Also, recognize when yasr runs it will run
itself in another shell environment on top of whatever current environment
you have running.  If your system is configured to prevent such things
from happening, some security reasons exist for doing this then yasr won't
run.  Did you ever have your doubletalk lt talking using Linux?  If so,
have you had it talking as a user other than root?  If not, you may have a
port permissions problem.  Yasr worked on other flavors of Unix before
anyone got it working on Linux so it doesn't have any Linux dependencies
in the package.  This is why it may be necessary for you to do the entire
build process on it yourself.

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