Yasr and DoubleTalk LT

Gilles Casse gcasse at oralux.org
Tue Mar 16 00:08:37 UTC 2004


Thanks for your answers.

After a few tries, my Doubletalk accepts to speak if a Yasr file is modified (1) or if the relevant Emacspeak speech server is used (2).

If using any Emacspeak speech server is acceptable with Yasr, it would be great for me.
But I guess that the serial port can't be selected anymore and must be /dev/ttyS0 because the field "synthesizer port" is already used to select the Emacspeak server.


(1) Just a notice: in forcing a newline character '\n' for each sentence, I hear the sentence followed by 'number' (in tts.c, array Synth, line doubletalk, "%s\n" instead of "%s").

(2) The DoubleTalk works using Yasr and the relevant Emacspeak speech server with:

synthesizer=emacspeak server
synthesizer port=|/usr/bin/tcl /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/doubletalk

Whatever the test (1) or (2), a last word is added to the sentence, something like 'number' (probably because of the \n).

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