Locale settings

Tore Johnny Bråtveit tore.johnny.bratveit at broadpark.no
Wed Mar 17 12:43:42 UTC 2004


I am quite new to Linux.  Although I used Redhat 7.2 for a relatively short
period, I never really got into it in detail.  Now I have installed SuSE
9.0. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to configure the locale
settings, and I am quite confused about all the various configuration files
it seems I have to deal with.  Whatever I try and whatever I do - the locale
settings seems to be wrong.  As an indication of this, Demu insists that I
am using codepage 437, and I am not able to change it to codepage 850 in any

This frustrates me quite a lot.

Could anybody please give me some advice how to solve this problem?

Best regards from western Norway;
Tore Johnny

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