Fedora or Debian?

David Renström david.renstrom at skelleftea.mail.telia.com
Thu Mar 25 01:47:15 UTC 2004

Hi everyone!

I decided to go for the Debian 3.0r2 distribution. Maybe I shouldn't. It 
refuses to install because it claims that it cannot download pppoe (not 
sure what it is, but I imagine that it's got something to do with 
networking). I've also tried the 3.0r1, but then I get a "debootstrap error 
value 1" message.

I've downloaded the non-US boot CD three times now, and Jigdo always states 
that the ISO image was built successfully. Does anyone know what to do to 
make the installation work?

Kindest Regards,
/David R.
At 07:52 2004-03-24 -0500, you wrote:
>Thus spake David Renstr?m:
># Ok, I'll try Fedora first of all. But the problem is that there's no
># bootdisk.img included on the installation CD (disc 1) as stated in the
># README file in the images directory.
>As this is a test release, it is possible that this was a developer 
>oversight.  I
>recall in fc1test2, all te RELEASENOTES and README files were missing from the
>CD.  Try searching the bugzilla system to see if anyone has filed a bug 
>You may also want to check the release tree itself to see if the file has been
>added since the release of the ISOs.
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