Fedora or Debian?

Lorenzo Prince lorenzo at prince.homelinux.org
Thu Mar 25 05:01:37 UTC 2004

pppoe is ppp over ethernet.  It has something to do with DSL.

As for the debootstrap error, I have always had bad luck with debootstrap.  It
*never* worked for me.  If you have a hardware synth, the speakup-modified
version of Sarge may be easier to get installed.  You also may want to file an
RFE against the Debian installer to allow for telnet installations like RH/Fedora
do.  That would make things easier for people who have two computers or someone
to help them over the phone but don't have a hardware speech synthesizer.

As for the problem of why pppoe won't download, I am really not sure what is
causing that one, especially if the ISO is good.  Although the debootstrap error
in 3.0r1 may be avoidable by simply downloading the larger netinst ISO that
includes the base system so that it doesn't have to use debootstrap.

Hope I am being helpful, ;-)
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