Fedora or Debian?

David Csercsics david at really.isa-geek.net
Thu Mar 25 16:42:44 UTC 2004

>Hi Nigel!
>Seems interesting, but unfortunately that's not what I'm looking for, i.e=
>I want a clean installation and absolutely no Emacspeak crap... I'm a=20
>braille user, you know... :-) No seriously,  the main problem is that I=20
>want a real installation and not just a bootable CD.

If you want a real installation with no crap use LFS or
slackware. Gentoo is also good. I can get you a bootable CD which
can be used to build LFS since I'm working on getting accessibility
built into that project because blind people have the right to have a
way to do a clean install of Linux too and using an existing distro
to build linuxfromscratch is not very good since you still have to
chuck the old distro afterwords. It's a lot of work but it may be
what you're looking for. Take a peek at wwww.linuxfromscratch.org,
www.slackware.com and www.gentoo.org. Those are the homepages of
linuxfromscratch, slackware and gentoo. Unfortunately none of those
include BRLTTY but knoppix does so you can install gentoo from that
and LFS can be built from knoppix though I'd recommend an LFS boot CD.
If you let me know what braille display you have and you want to
build one of these then I wil hack up an ISO and put it somewhere
for you to grab.

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