Oralux installation

Jaffar Sidek watstuts at justwan.com
Thu Mar 25 18:18:45 UTC 2004

Hi folks.  I am hoping to start my adventure into the linux world, and I
thought I would like to start it all off with oralux.  If someone could post
me instructions privately as to how to get started installing linux on my
machine, i will be extremely grateful.  I am running a p4 machine, with
windows xp on the primary drive.  I have partitioned my 120 gb disk into 3,
so I have one partition ready for the Oralux installation.  I have also
downloaded the oralux Iso image and have burnt it on to cd.  Now, what else
do i need to do?  My address is watstuts at justwan.com and any help given will
be much appreciated.  Cheers!

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